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Homework or perhaps we should create a new term: Video Research? could change the way you teach. As easy as: OK guys watch the next 2 videos and the quiz for research and those that understand the content will start the next stage. Great for those large junior classes where some students miss the class content and fall through the cracks.

Teachers: You have just arrived at your new school. At the end of the first week you ask your students to create an account in your Moodle, or you give out student username/passwords so that your new class can access your LMS. You ask them to log in sometime over the weekend and do the homework revision set from your new school text book. You Login Sunday night, collect the results and realise that you missed emphasising a certain point. Your behaviour next lesson will have changed because of e-Learning.

Tutors: Your own online learning space. Using the power of your Moodle to spread your influence across the suburbs or your state, while still working from home. Plan for your e-Learning year by contacting me at:

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Digital Teacher can give you: ·Personal access to a Learning Management System

· Ability to simply ‘author’ and create online questions to your class work or school text.

· Reduce your personal carbon footprint (no photocopying) by relating your online questions directly from the school text.

· The choice not to make it overly complex, simple questions about the day’s text, activity or project. There are significant benefits for you and your students in having their homework and resulting outcomes instant, online and accessible 24/7

· Online Course promotion. Introduce your course online to potential students and their families in a rich multimedia environment before the first unit starts.

· Feedback recorded at the end of each unit.

· Revision during the unit. Let your students practice (and practice) without the compression of

class time and NO MARKING.

· Online time and Class time more time to learn in very different ways

· Family involvement. Empower the family. Get the parents, grandparents or the dog, involved

· Online homework: students and parents have instance feedback

· Web-based record keeping (automated). Instant feedback will show us where we went wrong.

· Links to other areas online that you want your students to view.

· Media content. Any type i.e. your audio, pictures or video files.

· Less marking. Faster turn around for results. This has to be a plus.

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