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Teachers: Don’t forget Video is a great tool for learning. Learn how to place a YouTube video into your school Moodle and add a quiz. Or better still use a Digital Teacher created video with embedded quiz.

Flipped Classroom: With video technology, your classroom talks can be viewed at home. Students could come prepared to do the prac in the next Lesson. Place a blog next to the video and they may even chat about the content. Place the video in Moodle and you can add a simple quiz. Family members helping, WHY NOT. The student and you will soon know at school who did the work.

Mentors: Learning how to use Moodle is a task for most busy teachers. I am looking for people who are interested in connecting and supporting others develop these skills. You do not need to have any skills using Moodle just a desire to learn and become a part of the amazing Moodle  world. Facebook me John Doubleday and drop me a line.

Moodle Statistics

Registered sites 84,518
Countries 237
Courses 7,642,759
Users 71,764,242
Teachers 1,294,199
Enrolments 69,834,021
Forum posts 127,250,088
Resources 68,233,627
Quiz questions 188,584,397


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