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I've actually transcribed into English all 4 parts of the video. Here's the full text:


Hello, this Dr. Won Ho from Daejun International University in South Korea. I would like to make a presentation about how to use Mind Maps for educational purposes. There are THREE use-cases which are available for using Mind Maps in the educational field. The first one is using a Mind Map as a Content Delivery Tool. The second use-case is using MindMap as a learning activity. And the third one is using MindMap as a Knowledge Portal.

Before I proceed to the main presentation, I would like to introduce the Mind Map briefly because some of you may not have heard of it.
A Mind Map is way of describing a subject, starting from the main subject image, and radiatingly propogating with similar or related words or images to the outside.

It uses different colours and images for the description, and when you present, the Mind Map is clearer and easier to understand the subject because It is very similar to how the human brain recognises the subject.

There are many software which are used to draw MindMaps. Some are applications and some are web-based systems. OKMindMap is the system I would like to use. It has some very good features. It is Open Source and for educational usage. The second one is it is cross-browser. You can use most updated versions of web browsers and it runs okay. Like Chrome, Firefox and Safari and Internet Explorer 9. It uses SVG technology which is the main drawing component of HTML5. That is all possible.

It supports collaborative learning activity. We tried up to 40 students to access the same map using their web browsers. It was very successful. Theoritically we can do collaboration with more numbers than that. But if the number of students gets larger, the interface is hard to control. It also supports SNS (Social Networking Systems) integration. It can bring Facebook, Twitter and Delicious information.

Part 2. Using Mind Map as a content delivery tool.

First use case is using MindMap as a content delivery tool. MindMap itself is a very good content delivery tool. The Mind Map includes many text niformation and you can even embed images lke this. And the web link. The red arrow here, when you click that one, it will bring up a new web page. Mine is a wiki. And even open up to other mind maps that you created. You can embed videos like this. You can play that video in the middle, like this.

Class resources like HTML, PowerPoint and PNG files can be embeded too. If you uploaded those class materials on a web harddisk and provide link like this, students can open the PDF and SWF file directly from the map.

The best thing is watching the forest and the trees together. As you can see students can see the main structure of the subject hierarchy and it comes down to the details. So students can hardly be lost in middle of the information.

For those unfamiliar with OKMindmap expression, OKMindmap also supports format conversion, to export to HTML, PowerPoint, SVG, PNG and text format. For example, I would like to show the cubic type presentation using MindMap like this. (Clicking on the options) advanced and presentation. And the presentation style will be applied as a cubic slide like this.The same content is delivered as a linear re-arrangement to the student. Yes, okay, you can see that MindMap can be a good content deliverer. You can use this as a live textbook.

Once you make a MindMap you can embed this information into other webpages. Here's a sample. I used it for my wiki page. I embedded a MindMap which I made in the OKMindMap site, and you can easily embed that information in the middle of a wiki, blog, or webpage, whatever, that exists on the Web.

And one good thing about this is that it supports Moodle integration. So Moodle is one of the most famous LMSes, open source LMSes. If you click that information, .... I need to login. Took some time (to load). This is a conventional Moodle LMS and at the end I embedded the MindMap content as the syllabus like this. So there is a possibilty you can use MindMap as a good content delivery tool.

Part 3: Using Mind Map as a Learning Activity

Using Mobile Devices
Okay, you can use Mind Map as a learning activity - means that collaboration is possible on the map, as I already told you. Of the 40 students connected the same map, from their own web browsers, and theoretically more than that is possible. And I can show this... I prepared this Galaxy Note and iPhone3 for this demonstration. And I opened a map, I made a map for open collaboration purposes. I can connect using the iPhone, I just typed the word "iphone" from this device. And from the Galaxy phone/tablet I can also select and enter similarly. Let me enter using the microphone. "Hello? Thank you very much". That way, you can understand how collaboration works. Usually I use 40 students in the computer lab, sharing a map through their own desktop computer, but using with mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, you can work with other students without half of them using the desktop computer lab.

Linking to OKMindMaps
You can try the open map by clicking this link or by scanning this QR Code. I tried to ask some English teachers to make a collaboration for their vocabulary building. I gave them fruit for their vocabulary main idea and they tried to make, add their own vocabulary. Somebody added a video like this. And, so it is also possible to create a Moodle plugin called the OKMindMap activity. And here's a sample of how we made it. When we click that one, this is one of the many Moodle activities which is provided as an OKMindMap activity. When the students ... can make a connection to the map url and they can work to edit OKMindMap module.

SNS Feed
Also with the collaboration environment, it is also possible to import data from an SNS service. If you have some data in Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, you can import tnat information as a note. Let me do it from Twitter. I have a Twitter ID called wonho, and I can import, let's do it, 15 posts, it will read my Twitter and bring those Twitter posts into OKMindMap as OKMindMap notes.

Part 4: Using MindMap as a Knowledge Portal

The third use-case is to use MindMap as a knowledge portal. My advice is to use iGoogle service. iGoogle is a service provided by Google and it consists of many gadgets. A gadget is a small program which enables you to communicate with other websites or web services. You can even arrange arrange the gadgets by pushing. You can arrange your own page using gadgets like this. What I use are the Gmail, Facebook, Twitter gadgets. So without leaving your iGoogle webpage, you can check the information from many different web sources. And you can add MindMap in the middle as a Google gadget too. This is the iframe gadget you can find from iGoogle service once you login. And everything just works fine as a normal OKMindMap service.

Bookmarking Sites
I put all information about me, like my research, my classroom activities and my bookmark here. One good thing about using your bookmark ... if there is some information that you would like to bookmark, you just need to click the icons of the address you would like to bookmark, and drag it and press it on any node you would like to put that bookmark on and release. As you can see the bookmark is right on the information folder. If you click that red arrow, you can find out that web information is finally bookmarked. If you like you can change that information like short terms to find out later, but the web link information is maintained. You just add your own information as a text.

Students as knowledge gatherers
As a knowledge portal, you have better application to stretch MindMap. This is my class MindMap. I teach electrical machine. Sorry, the contents is Korean. At the class I ask my students to make their own MindMap and this is what they did. I just collected them at the link and some of the students made more informative MindMap and even more beautiful than mine. Like this. And this is a good way of using MindMap. They are good at reconstructing the knowledge as their own... they really have to increase their understanding about the subject.

Using MindMap as an e-Portfolio
An e-portfolio is also possible because an e-portfolio consists of many digital resources. Digital objects. As I have already told you, it is possible to upload your digital resources onto digital archive systems, or web folders and you can make a link to your portfolio resources into your Portfolio MindMap. You can add your introduction and some references, and your favourite visiting workplace, whatever. And if a company asks you to bring your own portfolio, you just need to give them the address of your webpage. You can protect this webpage by password or by group. This is all possible that enables you to use MindMap as your knowledge portal.

Thank you very much.

Note: This transcript will appear in formatted form, with embedded videos of Part1 to Part4, with some images, on Moodlenews.com soon (wait for it!). The links is:
Another existing link on OKMIndMap is:

Hope this helps.

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here is Wonyho's Youtube Channel

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10 Best Mind Mapping Tools was created by John Doubleday
Moodle is sooo flexable one has to have a plan for the activity you choose.

Sure you could use bits of paper but simple online programs allow you to share, save and some even add links...coool as :P

10 Best Mind Mapping Tools-2012
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