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Coast to Coast: National Website-Forum anyone?

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8 years 11 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #86 by DigitalTeacher
Coast to Coast: National Website-Forum anyone? was created by DigitalTeacher
To help strengthen the Design and Technology Brand and as a subject with a National Curriculum around the corner is it not the time to consider installing a sophisticated 21st century National Design and Technology Website.
A modern site design can offer much to it's members and I believe should have a system to store/search all the great information Tech teachers share. There are any number of software manufactures, Blackboard, Moodle or other refined commercial LMS or CMS will do. A place to share innovation, traditional teaching practice, business connections all on a national scale.

AS AN EXAMPLE ONLY Here is a quick Video about using Moodle (because thats what I know about) . to help organise all the Design and Technology Forums around Australia. The video also shows the Australian Science Teachers website and their Moodle.
National collaborations between teachers and even classes in a rich multimedia environment could be easily achieved. This is only an idea and ideas need action from EVERYONE and most importantly State List Administrators to start discussions. I believe this concept should not be created by individuals but designed by everyone involved with Design and Technology in Australia.
Let us use the power of the Internet to bring all our knowledge and experience together. THINK SMART :whistle: ........WORK SMART B)

The new DATTA Facebook page is a good place to discuss the idea.

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