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As a part time teacher I have collected hundreds of links, images, files and created many videos of projects and processes. Good digital content is useless, unless it is being used by my students. I wanted to use this subject content with my students wherever I teach.

The quest to find a user friendly, suitable LMS, website tool and trustworthy professionals has been no easy task. I have found that the Internet is full of dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful individuals. In fact the internet has a bit of a frontier feel about it. Lots of people trying to rip you off to make a quick buck. This has come at some financial loss and much time wasted, but I have been determined and now after many years I have found, all that I have been looking for.

My advice with dealing with individuals on the internet is to trust no one, ask lots of questions, trial systems completely before you part with any money, understand the ‘help’ and backup systems of their product. Be aware of what you are getting into before parting with any money.

Having to learn a new ‘school system’ or LMS (if the school has one) takes time and we don’t have much of that. So as individuals we tend not to want to deal with online or e-Learning.

In the past I have used the free online space like Teacher Tube and others, to have students link to my work. In fact free storage sites are a main source to reduce bandwidth for Digital Teacher. You could not go far wrong in starting with these sites before getting involved with something like Digital Teacher. It could be seen as your own personal web of subject content. Digital Teacher focuses all those resources into one clever package.


Digital Teacher is clever because you only have to learn it once.

  • Clever because it has its own Moodle. Using Digital Teacher can be as simple as seeing a great link you want to use in class. Place that link in your own Moodle on Digital Teacher and build some questions around it.
  • Clever because you can see which of your students are doing their homework, quiz, test or research. And it has the results already for parent teacher night. Ahhh the marking done.....that’s clever.
  • Clever because students can get instant feedback on their work.
  • Clever because you take your online units with you when you move schools. You do this all ready on your portable hard drive. Now it’s still organised online and ready to use. Just have your new students created an account in Digital Teacher, and away you go.
  • Clever because once you have been established within Digital Teacher you can share or collaborate with other teachers as long as you are not making a commercial advantage and some bandwidth issues are catered for.
  • Clever because educators who are in the position to create and distribute content for commercial gain can have their Digital Teacher account set up to support their business.


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